Through a tailored approach, we formulate an accounting policy suited to the client’s specific nature and business model in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

Proper analysis of a chart of accounts gives you quick and reliable economic and financial information about your business, as well as the ability to adjust targets and tasks on a current basis, be it as part of your current or newly developed development strategy.

We ensure the reliability and accuracy of financial statements prepared on the basis of precise and accurate accounting records. Our clients are offered sound expertise and consultations plus tax opinions, individual tax rulings, and tax-related clarifications.

We supervise and keep complete accounting ledgers and records in accordance with the Accounting Act and the tax regulations, including:

  • current-basis allocation of the revenue and expenses according to a standard chart of accounts and accounting policy;
  •  reconciliation of clearing accounts;
  •  maintenance of balance sheets and tax journals of tangible and intangible assets;
  •  posting of costs and business expenses;
  •  calculation of tax liabilities, and preparation of relevant interim and annual tax returns (VAT, CIT);
  •  preparation of a periodic report for the management on the basis of the accounting figures on a pre-defined template (management report);
  •  preparation and sending of electronic statistical reports to the National Bank of Poland (NBP) and the Central Statistical Office (GUS);
  •  regular contact with a dedicated Accountant and Chief Accountant;
  •  support for debt recovery;
  •  entering payments in the banking system, and management of bank accounts;
  •  issuing and sending of electronic or paper sale invoices;
  •  preparation of error correction notes and internal vouchers;

Please see the wide range of complementary accounting and administrative services that we provide.

  • Prepare complete annual financial statements of the company in accordance with the Accounting Act and the company's activity reports, at the client’s request;
  •  Prepare valuation of assets and liabilities for balance sheet and tax purposes, observing prudence principles;
  •  Assist in the planning and conduct of inventory taking of fixed and current assets, posting inventory taking results;
  •  Verify the completeness of disclosure of business operations in the year being closed, including expenses and revenue at the turn of the year,
  •  Cooperate with an auditor of the company's financial statements;
  •  Prepare the trial balance for general ledger and subsidiary ledgers for the financial year.
  • Income tax related services:
    – calculation of income tax withholdings, including income tax on commercial property (so-called minimum tax),
    – tax reporting for a limited partner;
    – preparation of annual CIT returns;
  •  VAT related services:
    – preparation and sending of periodical VAT returns;
    – maintenance of the VAT records in accordance with the applicable legal regulations;
    – sending of records in the SAF_VAT format;
  • Assistance during tax audits within the authority granted under the power ofattorney;
  • Provision of tax consultations with a tax adviser.
  • Prepare and send updated company details, including changes to bank accounts, registered office, address, social security registration applications;
  •  Prepare special reports and statements for FIZ (closed-end investment funds), RN (supervisory board);
  •  Prepare replies to the letters from the tax office and the Social Insurance Institution, in consultation with the client;
  •  Provide assistance and support during the tax audit at our office; within the authority under the power of attorney we answer all the accounting and tax inquiries;
  •  Prepare and send information (ORD, CbC);
  •  Provide services related to the completing of the civil law transaction tax (PCC) returns;
  •  Send general ledger records, bank statements in the SAF format whenever requested by the Tax Office.
  • Prepare payments of statutory levies based on accounting calculations and the submitted returns;
  •  Prepare payments of trade liabilities;
  •  Inform the client of the need to transfer funds to a bank account in the case of insufficient funds to make the payments;
  •  Monitor receivables and liabilities maturity dates.
  • Monitor debt recovery;
  •  Send payment reminders;
  •  Prepare receivables ageing structure reports in the format agreed with the client.
  • Issue sale invoices based on the contracts or other specifications provided by the client, and send electronic or paper documents to the addressees;
  •  Issue pass-through cost invoices;
  • Cooperate with a real estate owner or manager in respect to an annual budget preparation;
  • Prepare budget compliance statements for the owner;
  • Prepare a summary of expenses as required by the building owner, e.g. summary owner's expenses, service charges, capitalised expenses;
  • Compile revenue related information: summary of rent revenue, pass through invoices for utilities, service charges and other revenue relevant for the specifics of a company;
  • Reconcile or assist in the annual reconciliation of service charges.

Provide comprehensive human resources and payroll services and advice with a guaranteed closed circulation of information related to the employment and contractors and confidentiality within the client’s company and in our firm.

  •  Set up and keep personal files;
  •  Prepare payroll in a continuous and timely manner based on employment contracts;
  •  Account for contracts of a mandate, management contracts, remuneration for Management Board and Supervisory Board members, including non-residents;
  •  Provide full service in the scope of Social Insurance Institution, Tax Office, Central Statistical Office and the National Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON) in accordance with the Polish law;
  •  Enter payroll payments in the banking system;
  •  Represent the clients during official audits at our office;
  •  Prepare customised reports for the client.